All about diving in Ambon, Maluku


Muck Diving in Ambon

map area #1 and #2

Ambon, Maluku is famous for its world class muck diving and a marco photographer’s wonderland. The most famous marine life or critters in Ambon is the Psychedelic Ambon Frogfish, which was discovered in 2008 and only can be found in Ambon bay. Ambon also featured with so many other critters, such as rhinopias, various frogfish species, mandarin fish, ghost pipefish, harlequin shrimp, flamboyant cuttlefish, blue ring octopus, seahorse, stonefish, a vast array of nudibranchs and shrimps.

The comparison between muck diving in Ambon and the Lembeh strait is inevitable, due the similarity in the diving and the critters to be found there, but one prominent photographer to fittingly labelled their Ambon experience as “Critters without Crowds”

Ambon Blue Rose Divers just located in the Laha village (check the map for area #1 and #2, not far from the airport), where the most muck diving sites are nearby. With years of experiences diving service in Ambon, Blue Rose Divers dive guides have solid knowledge about critters in Ambon. Please do tell us what you want to see so we can provide you more information and services. See more photos Please check our GALLERY

Ambon Reef Diving & Wideangle Diving

map area #3 and #4

Apart from Muck Diving , There are alos some good options to do Reef Wideangle Diving, mostly Outside Ambon bay, in the southeast coast of Ambon, . The dive spots include: Namalatu, Airlow, Pintu Kota, Seri, Mahiya, Hukurila cave. The more distinctive is hukurila cave and wall. The so-called cave is actually the formation of the reef-like smoke pipe, channel. Visibility is usually very good, more than 20M.

In the cold water in September, there will be big things, such as Mobula Rays, different shark species, molamola.

Boat journey 30-45 minutes from Blue Rose Divers. (Because the long distance, we need an additional feul charge , please check the Diving Rate for detail)

Pulau Tiga

Pulau Tiga located outside Ambon Bay , the west side of Ambon Island. As the name suggests , it’s three islands together. Boat journey 2 hours from Blue Rose Divers.

The islands of the outlying islands are quite spectacular, The face of healthy and rich coral slopes is a very good experience. Chances to see Big fish like tuna, grouper, even dolphins, whales.

Ambon Wreck Diving

The vessel resting in Ambon Bay is the Duke of Sparta, launched in 1940 from the William Gray shipyard, West Hartlepool. Sold in 1951 to an Italian company from Naples, she was renamed SS Aquila.

Bombed by the Americans during Operation Haik, against the communist rebellions in Indonesia, on 28 April 1958, she was anchored and in ballast, she sank on the 27 May 1958.

It is 137 meters long and 17 meters high, and the hull is huge.The entire shipwreck is complete, the steepest part of the stern, about 13 meters deep, the bow deck is about 30 meters deep and the bottom is about 35 meters deep. After 50 years under water, it is covered by corals. As with most of the wrecks, the visibility here is usually not very good, and in the right tide, it is sometimes good.

About 25 minutes boat ride from Blue Rose Divers.

Tips in Ambon Diving

  1. Water Temperature normally is around 27-29 degree, the coldest season is in September, could turn to 24 degree.
  2. Currents is not very strong most time, but occasionally can be a bit tough.
  3. Night dive is amazing in Ambon, so the touch is necessary.