General information about ambon

Ambon Island is the capital of Maluku Province, Indonesia. The island has an area of 775 km2 (299 sq mi) and sits on the north side of the Banda Sea. Ambon has a mountainous topography with predominantly tropical rainforest-coverd highlands, which ensure a good rain supply and fertile lands. This city is also known as “Ambon Manise,” which means “beautiful” or “pretty”.

The bay of Ambon is 563 metres deep and 8 kilometres wide at its mouth, and cuts 23 kilometres back into the island. Modern history of the last century witnessed the battle of Ambon in 1942 between Japan and the Allied Forces.

It’s very easy to come to Ambon through many airlines from Jakarta, Bali, Makassar.. . The airport Pattimura(AMQ), is located to the southwest of the island.

Diving in Ambon

Ambon, Maluku is very famous for its world class Muck Diving, with a huge array of critters such as rhinopias, numerous species of shrimps and crabs, wonderpus, ghost pipefish, seahorses and Most important Ambon Frogfish, which can be found only in Ambon. Apart from the incredible Muck Diving, amazing Reef Diving and even Wreck Diving are also available in Ambon. Please check more information about Ambong Diving.


Ambon Frogfish – in ambon only!


famous Lembih Velvetfish – also in ambon now!


purple Weedy Scorpionfish – Rhinopias frondosa

Ambon has many colorful reef dives full of crinoids, large barrel sponges, large sea fans and table corals – especially as you get outside of Ambon Bay. Some sites will have many fish, fuseliers, bumphead parrotfish, and napolean wrasse. Inside the bay, you have spectacular muck sites, with critters such as rhinopia, numerous species of shrimps and crabs, wonderpus, ghost pipefish, seahorses and many frogfish.